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Folly Arts & Medias

Featured Projects


Sip, shoot, share: cocktail tales in every frame

A colorful cocktail in front of a big bright room
An orange cocktail, in front of a black wall, with smoke as a garnish

Taste the visual feast: where food becomes art

A piece of foie gras pie, presented beautifully in a white plate
A beautiful dessert, in a rond black plate, on top of a wooden table

Branding Beyond Boundaries: Your Vision, Our Lens

A blue cocktail resting on a box, next to a bottle of Marie Brizard Blue Curaçao
 A bottle of water San Pellegrino being served on a table full of food and wine, a client smilling in the background

Framing Identity: Portraits with Personality

A bartender with a mysterious smile shake expertly a cocktail
A bartender do flair and does a cocktail with 2 bottles at the same time

Where Structures Speak: Your bar design stories in every Frame

The front entrance of a chinese restaurant in Chinatown
The decor of a bar, looking like graffitti
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